It’s normal

From the book:

In one international study the amount of time a man could last with his penis inside his woman’s vagina varied from 30 seconds to 44 minutes, with a median (average) time of only 5.4 minutes.

The study was confined to couples in stable relationships of at least six months and for what it’s worth they had sex on average about twice a week.

Almost all the men lasted less than ten minutes, although a very small number of men seemed to be able to go on as long as they wanted to.

The same study showed that older men on average last slightly less long than younger men, the averages being about six and a half minutes for men aged 18-30, five and a half minutes for men aged 31-50, and four and a half minutes for men aged 51 and over.

So it’s common and normal. I’ll bet very few males are born with the ability to control when they ejaculate. I’ll also bet that most men are quite capable of learning how to control ejaculation. So it’s a skill that can be learned.

To control when you come means you can prolong sex long enough to satisfy your partner and long enough to give yourself as much pleasure as you want.

I’ll say more about how soon.


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