It’s cheap, but I’m making it cheaper

I am still trying to get the UK price of Last as long as you want in bed on corrected from its present £19.00 to its intended price of £9.97. Meanwhile the US edition of Last as long as you want in bed is correctly priced at a mere $14.97.

If the techniques in the book make you a better lover, and I have verified personally that they do, the book is worth ten times that or more. People will pay way more than that just to go on a weekend seminar to learn something far less life changing. But clever marketing is not something I want to spend too much of my time on as it’s less interesting to me than other projects I have on the go. Therefore I am just putting it out there at a competitive price.

To contact Amazon is very difficult. You go through the usual maze on the web site of ‘Contact us’ leading to lists of FAQs leading to forms requiring various data input until you finally get to a choice between internet chat, another form or phone.

Internet chat produced a promise that someone would get back to me within 24 hours. They didn’t.

Next day I tried phone. The lady was very attentive and intelligent and understood exactly what the problem was. It’s not her department though, so she sends me an email with the correct link.

I click the link and give all details of the problem, including that the publisher notified the correct price back in January and that this can be verified with the printer. An email comes in reply: “It is a fundamental principle of UK and EU competition law that a retailer is free to set its prices.  We always make pricing decisions independently and we therefore would not agree to any direction from any third party on pricing.”

This is of course asinine, and there is no way of replying to the email.

I’m still working on the problem.


One thought on “It’s cheap, but I’m making it cheaper

  1. If anyone is following this particular blog entry, the price of ‘Last as long as you want in bed’ is now correct in both the UK and the USA. If you are a woman less than happy with the stamina of your man, you have to find a way to get him to buy the book without implying that he’s a rotten lover. Maybe he could start with ’10 hot tips…’ just for the useful diagrams and erudite discussion of the G-spot. Only 99¢ – what’s to lose?

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