Life changing information for the price of a large takeaway pizza!

The UK edition of Last as long as you want in bed – five steps to overcoming premature ejaculation is now available from Amazon at the correct price of £9.97.

Following my plea to Amazon to be allowed to communicate with a human, I received a reply that indicated that a little more attention had been given to it. It was essentially the same misunderstanding re-worded, so I still couldn’t give it a smily face.

I responded with line-by-line comments.

Following this my chum at Amazon who shall remain nameless to spare her blushes finally understood and told me I had to notify the correct price to Nielsen (who control ISBNs in the UK). I did this but meanwhile she surged ahead and checked the price with the printer, then changed it on It’s as though something had stirred her into passionate action.

Maybe she wanted her boyfriend to buy the book – who knows?

Anyway I’m grateful.

Meanwhile I am working on an extended version of my free ebook,

10 hot tips for lasting longer during sex and giving your woman more pleasure – practical sexual anatomy for men who love women. Not a catchy title but it says what it needs to say. More on this soon.


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