Dating – the missing manual

As promised I shall post on the topic of sex tomorrow, and usually once a week on a Thursday. But I am quite excited that my book on dating is finally finished and the digital files are now at the printer. The projected publication date is 1st October, but it may be available a little before or after that date. Watch this space!

The full title is:

Dating – the missing manual:

you can attract and keep the woman of your dreams

(if they had taught this in school alongside algebra and French irregular verbs, my whole life would have been different)

This is from the introduction:

Cornelius Agrippa used to have big problems with dating.

As a teenager he suffered agonies not knowing how to approach girls and not understanding how was it that other boys succeeded where he did not.

Later in life he would admire beautiful women from afar and their smiles destroyed him. He regularly fell in love with women but he had no idea how even to approach them. He wanted a woman with whom he could share both serious moments and fun. Ultimately he wanted a female companion he could share his life with on every level.

Unfortunately he had entirely the wrong approach to solving this problem. This led him to end up with more than one woman who was not suited to him, because he did not know what he knows now.

‘Surely,’ he thought, ‘if I have the good qualities I think I have, the right woman will see this and be attracted to me.’ But this didn’t happen.

Part of him also didn’t really believe that he had what it takes to attract the woman of his dreams.

Eventually he began to believe that the woman of his dreams did not exist.

Now there’s no doubt that a lot of luck is involved in finding your perfect partner, the woman you could happily spend the rest of your life with. Nevertheless there is a great deal that can be done to shorten the odds.

In particular it is vital to know what to do when the right woman does come along, and not to mess up your chances. Indeed you need to know how to have chances in the first place. If you let her walk by and say nothing, what chances do you have? (This book tells you what to say and how to overcome the fear of saying it.)

Eventually a friend saw the author’s predicament and gave him some good advice.

Putting this advice into practice, trying this and that, your author came up with the insights in this book. Insights that got him some fun dates, some very interesting times, some amusing escapades (amusing with the wisdom of hindsight anyway), and some mistakes.

It also got him the woman of his dreams.

This book is the distillation of his experience, and if you take it to heart and put it into practice it will seriously increase your chances of finding the woman who is right for you.

To teenagers: this book will help you, too. When you have the power to attract girls you will learn to be picky, knowing that you don’t have to promise more than you intend to fulfil to get a girl and you don’t have to settle down until you find a real keeper.

As to the mistakes, suffice it to say for now: be wary of your own desire to believe. And if you are not sure of a woman, don’t leave her alone in the same room as your credit card.

Learn from your mistakes. It is fine to make mistakes. Just don’t repeat them.

Don’t settle for the first woman that comes along (unless of course she is actually your dream incarnate and at the same time very real – see my warning to romantics). You are more attractive than you think (this book shows you how) and therefore you have choices. This is very important.

Be clear about what you really want, and don’t think about settling for less. Then do the work.


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