Increase your chances of success in dating and in bed. A quick tip about the importance of smells.

It is said (and I have reason to believe it) that women are generally more sensitive to smells than men. It’s not that our noses aren’t as good as women’s. It’s that smells are more important to them than to us.

The part of the brain that deals with smells is one of the most primitive parts of the brain, and our initial reactions to smells are unconscious and powerful.

 So, let’s cut to the chase. Be clean. That means shower at least once a day. If you’ve been working hard all day, shower again before you go out in the evening. Use deodorant. This is about removing unpleasantness.

You expect a kiss (or more?) – then brush your teeth. If you’ve not been to the dentist for a while, go. Tartar builds up around the base of the teeth and harbours bacteria that give off a bad smell. A trip to the dental hygienist will sort this out.

For an additional touch, a modest amount of a male perfume helps create attraction. Women appreciate it.

Even if you’re happily married and don’t need to ‘pull,’ following these tips will very likely get you more sex with your beloved. Don’t slack off!


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