SoulmateWhat is a soulmate?

Before we go any further with Latin writer Ovid’s two-thousand-year-old seduction guide, we should pause to reflect, because if what the old Roman rogue advises works, me may end up with more (or less) than we bargained for.

Remember the old fairy-tales and myths in which wishes are granted with unfortunate results? For example, the Cumaean Sybil wished for as many years of life as grains of sand in her hand, and this was granted, but she forgot to ask for eternal youth, so she ended up living for a thousand years with all the infirmities of old age (see Ovid’s other famous book, Metamorphoses). Not good.

So, in our desperation for a soulmate, we don’t want to end up with the first woman that comes along, even if she is good looking, unless both parties are clear that it is for a one-off fling (and even that is not free from the possibility of unexpected events).

When making a wish, or indeed embarking on any adventure, it is very important to have a clear idea, right at the beginning, of what we want, otherwise results could be unexpected and even unpleasant.

We may have a nebulous idea of our ideal woman, our soulmate. But what does this mean? Who is she?

There may be subtler ways of doing this, but for now I suggest that we begin by analysing our desires into at least the following three categories. You can develop subcategories if you wish.

In no particular order, we probably want:

(1) Sex;

(2) Love;

(3) Friendship/ life partner.

What is it you want at this stage in your life? To put it another way, in what order of importance would you place these three wants just now? Also, consider that your priorities may and probably will change over time.

With that in mind, we shall look at the question of what is a soulmate in more detail soon.




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