After the first sex

Excellent advice from the other side. What not to do after a date that ends in bed. Read and learn.

What should we men learn from this?

Don’t overstay your welcome. Leave her wanting more.

To be honest, I have seldom (well only once, to be exact) in my whole life slept with someone I didn’t want to be with the next morning. That’s because I am one of those men whose built-in order of preference is (and was, almost always) (1) love and (2) sex, not the other way around. (If your preference order is currently the other way around, that’s fine, just be clear about it.)

So, whether or not you are one of those people who don’t sleep with a woman unless you’re really in love, try to look your best in the morning.

Top tip: if you are hoping for more sex in the morning, go and freshen up. A quick brush of the teeth will avoid that off-putting mouth smell. If she’s still asleep, use the time to make her a cup of tea or coffee.

Hopeless romantic, or common sense?