Premature ejaculation caused by not caring

Another blogger looked at my blog, specifically the post about foreplay. The link to a relevant post of hers is here. Here is a quotation:

When he was fucking me last night he was on top and he didn’t look me in the eye at all and didn’t care that I didn’t cum. I suddenly realised why it maybe is good to have sex with someone you actually care about because there is that connection and you build up a sexual relationship. I also think thats was why the sex was so rubbish last night, I couldn’t give a shit about him and he probably feels the same way about me.

So there we are. That’s one reason why I have a problem with the ‘fuck buddy’ idea. And maybe because he didn’t care about her is why he came so quickly.



Did you ever hear of a woman who didn’t like foreplay? I haven’t.

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay.

If you have a tendency to come too soon, then try bringing her to orgasm before you even go in.

For example, let your fingers do the work. Or even better, give her oral sex. Use your tongue around her labia (‘pussy lips’) and clitoris, and keep doing whatever she likes best. She’ll probably respond most to your stimulating her clitoris, but change what you do from time to time to keep the anticipation going.

You will find a clear diagram of the female genital area, and what is most sensitive, in my ebook (UK link – for other links see the side panel or type ’10 hot tips’ into Amazon).