How to handle bitching

Ever found yourself in an argument with your woman and you’ve no idea why?

Here’s one woman’s description of the process.

My theory is simple. Women test men. They do it in relationships and they also do it right at the beginning, in dating. They want to know if you’re strong enough to take it. It’s an unconscious process – they don’t mean to do it and they don’t know why they do it.

Biologically a woman needs a man to protect her and her offspring. Therefore, when selecting a mate she will reject suitors who are weak. This is pretty much hard-wired and is not under conscious control. If she’s not testing you at least occasionally then she’s not interested in you at all.

If you approach this on a logical level you will fail.

‘But what was it that I said that upset you?’

‘I shouldn’t need to tell you.’

‘But you do need to tell me because actually I’ve no idea.’

‘The fact that you can’t see why what you said is wrong just makes it worse.’

– and so on.

How do you deal with this?

You have to jump outside the box. Smile. Say something like, ‘Whatever it was I said, I’m sorry and I love you anyway.’ Or say more or less anything. But don’t defend yourself (you can’t) and don’t get cross in return. Stay light. Be patient.

Every time you pass the test she’ll love you more. But don’t expect there ever to be a time when it doesn’t happen any more.