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Once a month 4 ladies

Once a month 4 ladies

Yay! Praise for my comments on the blog Once a month 4 ladies!

Fellow blokes, it’s always useful to hear women’s opinions on dating and sex. We may think we know, but do we? That’s why, if you’re looking to find and keep the one, or to give her maximum pleasure, or to find out whether a woman can successfully fake an orgasm, or even to know whether women really care about the size of a man’s penis, it’s really useful to check out women’s blogs on the subject.

Here’s a good place to start:

You can of course contribute a male point of view, too.


This blog

As I explain in the About section of this blog, I want to pass on some tips in the areas of dating and sex which I wished I’d known about long ago. Having learned these things my life is altogether different and happier. What better time to pass on what I have learned than when the steps I took are fresh in my mind?

I am working on a book which will be called:

Dating – the missing manual

– you can attract and keep the woman of your dreams –

(if they had taught this in school alongside algebra and French irregular verbs, my whole life would have been different)

I love long old-fashioned titles as you can see. This book will be ready for the printer soon.

Meanwhile my intention is to post at the beginning of the week, usually on a Monday, a thought or tip about dating.

In the middle of the week, usually on a Thursday, I shall post a thought or tip about sex to go with my other book,

Last as long as you want in bed

– five steps to overcoming premature ejaculation and to regaining control –

“It’s not about you”

This book is already available in paperback (US link, UK link). I’m also working on a Kindle version.

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Do you want to achieve your desires?

Unless you are a monk I recommend making the effort to achieve your desires.

The main and consistent focus of my life is looking for and finding ways of living in the present moment as much as possible. Along the way I came up against a number of very strong obsessions that were not connected with this effort, and that were occupying most of my waking thoughts. These were (1) the need for love and a life partner and (2) sex.

If you believe yourself to be on some kind of spiritual path, it is easy to convince yourself that you are working with transforming a lack – but this may be the coward’s way out.

Ask yourself whether the truth is that you have not yet found the courage to tackle these problems. Ask yourself whether you believe achieving what you want is too difficult, therefore you never start. Ask yourself whether the effort to achieve what you want might not be more challenging, more liberating than trying to live with frustration.

At some point I realised that, as Mr Gurdjieff put it, a roast chicken was not going to fly into my mouth. Just as anything I have ever achieved required effort, this was going to be no different. Then a friend pointed me towards some good advice, and another passed on his own techniques in the field of dating. I soaked up many ideas, some good, some that didn’t suit me, and I started applying the ones I thought were good. It was a steep learning curve, but I got there. Luckily for me, when I had it pretty well sorted, I met the love of my life.

One thing you learn along the way is that you are not who you think you are. This in itself is worth the price of the journey.

Later on I understood how to overcome unsatisfactory sexual performance too, and I have already provided some pointers to this in previous blog entries. Remarkably, the answer to this is being in the moment – and so we arrive back where we started.

Frequently I meet others who so obviously need to know what I have learned. What better time to write down what I know when the steps are still fresh in my mind? Hence two books: one on dating which I intend to publish soon, and one on sex which is already available.

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Please check out my free book offer. This is for the book on sex. I am hoping for a few honest reviews on Amazon, although if you accept the free offer you are under no obligation to write a review. Alternatively you can download the section on female sexual anatomy called ‘10 hot tips for lasting longer in bed and giving your woman more pleasure‘ (US link) for a mere 99¢ (about 75p – UK link here).

Free book! Time limited offer.

If you are reading this you may be interested in my book, ‘Last as long as you want in bed – 5 steps to overcoming premature ejaculation and to regaining control.’ Now is your chance to get a free copy.

(If you are a woman, you could get it for your man. Just tell him he’s a great lover anyway but you heard there are some very useful diagrams on pages 37-48 showing where a woman’s most sensitive areas are, which will help him be an even better stud than he already is.)

Why am I doing this? Simple: I want honest – not made-up by my chums – reviews for this book on Amazon.

All you have to do is click this email link and send me your postal mailing address and I’ll send you a copy of the book, wherever in the world you are. That’s all. Once I’ve done that I’ll delete your mailing address and your email address from my records.

Whether you write a review or not is up to you. But if you do, make it an honest one. I wrote this book because I know this method works – it worked for me – so I’m confident you’ll like it.

The Amazon link is here: Last as long as you want in bed.

I shall not be repeating this offer, so please act now. When the free books are gone, they’re gone.

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Best regards,

Dr Cornelius Agrippa

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