Gender identity

A very interesting article on gender identity from the New York Times is reproduced in The Floating Library blog.

I do wonder whether our American cousins, even in so-called liberal areas, have more difficulty with this than we do in the UK. A nephew claimed he was gay and we all said, ok that’s fine. Later on he changed his mind and has no trouble picking up girlfriends. A niece came out as gay and likewise we all said, fine, be happy, sympathised when her girlfriend broke up with her and welcomed the girlfriend to family gatherings when the relationship was back on.

Ok, sexual orientation is not the same thing as gender identity. But the same principle applies: you are as God made you, and there’s nothing you can do about that.

We tried to be gender neutral in bringing up our daughters but the oldest always played with Sindies (or was it Barbies – whichever was the least politically incorrect). You can’t fight it, whether you’re liberal or the other way.

You’re children are what they are. You don’t order them à la carte.