Patience and attraction

When I was a teenager I was rubbish at attracting girls. A wise man told me that I should be patient. When we are older it will all work out.

He didn’t just mean, wait around and it will sort itself out without you having to make any effort. What he meant was, work on becoming a better human being and there will come a time when women will be attracted to you.

The premise here is not that you’ll be wildly successful at brief encounters. The premise is that if you become a better, stronger, kinder human being then the right kind of woman will be attracted to you.

This is true. If you have no substance then the best women will not be interested in you.

Even so, a good man still needs to understand what creates attraction in women. Think of a shop. It might have the most wonderful goods inside. But if there is nothing attractive in the window display, how will anyone ever know? If you don’t know the arts of attraction, how will a woman be attracted enough to you to want to get to know you better?

To find the woman of my dreams I had to learn what attracts and doesn’t attract women.

Luckily, attraction is a skill that can be learned.