Dr Cornelius Agrippa’s blog about Sex, Now and Dating

One night I suddenly understood how to make love to my woman so that I would not come before she did. The answer came to me in one four-word sentence. Then I wrote a book on it, and the book kept branching off into other areas.

How had I found my woman, the woman who is perfect for me and whom I married? By finding other answers – for instance, how to overcome shyness and get dates. I had worked at it, and through a combination of mistakes and successes I had finally got it right. That material kept wanting to get itself into the book. I realised that it merited being expanded into a book of its own.

The answers all have to do with being who we are, now. Take away unnecessary stress and BE. Living in the moment dissolves problems – and I am focussing on dating and sexual problems because they are so often talked about in a separate compartment as if they had nothing to do with the rest of our lives.

This blog is about that.

Three books are nearly ready for publication: ‘Last as long as you want in bed,’ ‘Solve erection problems now’ and ‘Dating – the missing manual.’

Here is an extract from ‘Last as long as you want in bed:’

“This is not some quick fix pill that makes you perform better without any effort on your part. It is a way of seeing and doing things that becomes part of you.

In this way the method becomes yours and enables you to solve any problems that may arise. You don’t want to have to check the contents page of this book while making love to your woman!

Let me give the secret away right now.

The idea behind this method is so simple it can be described in one four-word sentence. I’ll be up-front about this. There is hardly anything to it, from a theoretical point of view.

The sentence, which I have already given as the subtitle of this book, is:

It’s not about you.

To stop the anxiety that makes us come too quickly we need to stop worrying about ourselves and our performance and focus instead on our woman and giving her pleasure.


Then how can I justify a whole book on it?

Well, if it really were that simple everyone would be doing it. Yet studies show that about a third of all sexually active men suffer from some sexual dysfunction, with premature ejaculation being common.”

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